Different types of magnets

Magnetism is the act of having a magnetic property in an object or metal. It is called magnetism. A magnet is a substance or metal that has the power to attract iron or alloys.

It is called magnetism because it was first discovered centuries ago in a region called magnesium. An object with magnetic force from it is known as a magnet. There are mainly two types of magnets

Types of magnets
Types of magnets 

Types of magnets 

  • Natural magnet
  • Artificial magnet 

Natural magnet

magnets that to be found naturally from the earth in irregular shapes are called natural magnets.

Artificial magnet

Magnets that are made in a certain way are called synthetic magnets. There are two main types of Artificial magnet.
1. Temporary magnets
2. Permanent magnets

1. Temporary magnet

A type of magnet that has a magnetic force for a sufficient period of time, that is a magnet that has a magnetic field for a very short time, is called a temporary magnet. In which we can include all types of electromagnets.

2. Permanent magnet

A type of magnet that has a magnetic field for a very long time is called a permanent magnet. This type of magnet retains its magnetic properties, whether or not it is used.

Permanent magnets are available in different shapes as follows.

Types of magnets with pictures
Flat Bar Magnet

Types of magnets
Round Bar Magnet

Types of electromagnets
Ring Magnet

Types of electromagnets with pictures
Horseshoe Magnet

Types of magnets with pictures and names
U Shape Magnet

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