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Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to make money online | Top 12 source to make money online.

how to make/earn money online.

        Now this days many source available for making money online. make money online is very easy but you can spend your maximum and minimum time in this field.  many sources available for making money online like; typing job, give your paid service online, writing job, content writer, you tube, web developer, freelancer, online surveys, blogging etc. any person can earn money online with use this source and give your paid service. online paid service, web developer and freelancer service in this source you can provide online  service and make money. 

top 12 available source of make money online:

  • become a youtuber
  • you tube sponsorship
  • blogging
  • affiliate marketing
  • online typing jobs
  • online surveys
  • buy and sell domain
  • paid service provide
  • review website and app
  • online selling
  • e-book selling
  • freelancer

(1) Become a youtuber:

             Now this days YouTube is a one of most popular source  to make money online. the YouTube is a easy way to make money online. in this way any person have a one YouTube channel and one google ad-sense account. in this way of making money online person can upload the video in their YouTube channel and show the google ad-sense ads in their video. the google ad-sense pay amount of you for show ads in your video. 
            In this way of making/earn  money online any person can join its easily, but now a days YouTube create a some policy of monetisation. in this monetisation policy any youtuber have a 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch time in previous 12 month. you are achieve this monetisation policy you can make money with YouTube very easily. 

(2) YouTube Sponsorship: 

           The second way of making money online is a YouTube sponsorship. in this way you can earn/make money without use of google ad-sense. in this way you earn money from sponsorship. now a days many sponsor available in YouTube. in youtube  your video get a big views so, you can get sponsorship from sponsor. in this way you give some detail  about sponsor product in your youtube video and sponsor pay some amount for promoting of product.
            This way of make/earn money online is easy, but you have a big views in your youtube video. 

(3)  Affiliate marketing:

          affiliate marketing is a most popular source to make/earn money online. in this time many youtuber and blogger make/earn money with affiliate marketing. in affiliate marketing you can join the affiliate programme of any e-commerce company and promote and selling the product of e-commerce company. the e-commerce company paid you some percentage commission on selling of product of company.
         Now a days every e-commerce company provide affiliate programme like Amazon, Flipcart, Snapdeal, Go-daddy, host-gator, etc. you can join this affiliate programme easily and earn big commission.
online pese kamane ka tarika.
affiliate earning

(4) blogging:

        The blogging is a one of online earning source. many people start blogging as a career. in a blogging you can create your own blog on blogger/WordPress. after then you share your knowledge with  post article in your blog and get a traffic in your blog. after you can get google adsense approval and show the ads in you blog. google adsense paid amount for show ads in your blog.
         also you can start a blog in blogger free. but now a days blogging is trending so, blogging have a very tough  competition, but you have a strong content so, you can become a successful blogger.

(5) Online typing jobs:

         there are many website are available to provide a online typing jobs like, protypers,etc. in this type jobs you can work part time in your home. this jobs you can typing a article or typing a copy content. and jobs providing company paid amount of your work. this types online typing jobs is very helpful for a student. many student start this types jobs in a part time in  home and make money. 

(6) online surveys:

          Now this time many surveys website are available like swagbucks, onepoll, surveys junkie, etc. in this surveys website you can make the different types surveys and fill up the detail  of surveys and the surveys website paid you amount for fill up the surveys. also this types online earning source is very help full for student. 

join now on swagbucks: Join now

(7) Buy and sell domain:

          Now a this days domain buy and selling is one of popular money making source. in this source you can buy a domain name like, .com, .net, .in, etc. and sell this domain name in high price. now this days many people work on this filed. on this source you can increase your online earning. there are many website available to buy and selling domain name like,, etc.

(8) paid service provide:

          if you a have a some expert knowledge and experience of any product or service so you can provide your service to needed person and get amount for your service. you can also create your website for increase your service providing. the person who needed your service he direct connect with you from your website and you can increase your earning.

(9) Review website & apps:

          if you interested in make money online and make money at home in part time so, this source is best for a part time money making. in this source you can give the review about providing service and facility of website and apps. there are many review website and apps are available in market. in this source you can make money in part time in your home.

(10) Online selling: 

         online selling is one of popular source to make money online. in this source you can make money with online selling your product and service. if you manufacture the product or you have offline shop so you can start online selling and increase your earning. in this way you can increase your business criteria area and grow the business rapidly.

(11)  e-book selling:

         you have a art of write a content and book, so you can start online e-book selling business. in this way of make money online you write some interesting content for e-book and publish this e-book in online and increase selling of e-book. make money with selling this e-book.

(12) freelancer:

         freelancer is most popular source to make money online. if you have some expert knowledge and experience of  Data Entry, Web-developing, Content Writing, Blog Writing, Transcription, Typing, Copy typing, Ms-Office, etc, so you can start this online money making job,  this way you provide the service of client and they paid amount you for your service. there are many trusted website available for freelancing like a Up work, Freelancer, people per hour etc.

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