Job interview tips & preparation.

Job Interview tips & preparation.

▪Things to keep in mind while giving job interview.

  • Know yourself 
  • Know the employer and the industry
  • Know the job
  • Know about interview questions and prepare your responses 
  • Know the interview arrangements 
  • Attend a job interview seminar.
Job interview preparation.
Job interview. 

●Know yourself.
           You will be asked both general and specific questions about your goals, dreams, values, motivations and what you can contribute to the organisation. The first step in preparing for an interview is to do a thorough self-assessment so that you know what you have to offer to the employer. You try to impress the employer by showcasing your skills, knowledge and personality to the employer.

know the employer and the industry.
               Before you face a job interview, it is advisable to have thorough knowledge about the prospective website and gather information about nature of business, volume of business, company's vision and mission, market share of the company's products etc.

know the job.
           It is important that you have clear understanding of the responsibilities of the job/position you have applied for. You should go through the job profile given in the advertisement. You should be in a position to convince the interviewer that your skills and accomplishments are in perfect tune with the job profile. Your are able for your job position.

know about interview questions and prepare your responses.
            You should be mentally prepared to respond to questions regarding your skills, current job responsibilities, reason to change the company etc. You can review information about the job before you go for the interviewe.

know the interview arrangements.
           Generally you are informed about the location of the interview couple of days in advance. If possible drive to the location of the interview. This will give you an idea about the time it takes to reach the location.

Attend a job interview seminar.
            You can attend a job interview seminar conducted by an expert to equip yourself for a job interview. Some placement consultants arrange for mock interviews also. Such interviews will give you simulated experience of facing an interview panel.

              above all things to keep in mind while preparing of job interview. 

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